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a5c7b9f00b In this parody of 1903&#39;s _Great Train Robbery, The (1903)_, also made by <a href=">Edwin S. Porter, young bandits rob the passengers of a kiddie train and are chased by police officers.
Seven or eight fellows are sitting around when their boss, a gal, tells them to put on their masks; she brings in a blindfolded man and sends the boys out to do a job. They borrow horses, block a train track, and set up an ambush. They knock out the engineer and rob each passenger, all of whom are dressed in white. The gang escapes in the first car of the train, then they remount their horses and scramble through forest and across a creek. Police pursue on foot. Back at the hideout, the gang split the swag and run from the cops. The gang tries swimming to safety, but the cops have a rowboat. Will any escape?
Edwin S. Porter&#39;s &quot;The Great Train Robbery&quot; met with great success, being the first western and one of the first &#39;full length&#39; (by the standards of the time) movies. So, two years later he thought to parody it, by changing the bandits to children who commit crimes. Thus, &quot;The Little Train Robbery&quot; was made. While the idea is clever at least, there is no medium closeup of the bandit firing at the camera at the end and because of the lack of this, it has not become nearly as well known.<br/><br/>If you&#39;ve seen the original movie before then you&#39;re probably already familiar with the plot: a train is robbed, bandits are caught. The thing isn&#39;t even much of a western at all like the original because of the lack of violence (no gun shots are fired and the closest they get is one kid hitting the engineer over the head) and a great deal of it is devoted to the chase scenes, which go on a little too long. It isn&#39;t a bad film by any means but lacks the action and attention-holding pacing of its predecessor. Worthwhile for fans of &quot;The Great Train Robbery&quot;, but if you haven&#39;t seen that yet then you&#39;ll have to watch it before giving this one a go.
Little Train Robbery, The (1905) <br/><br/>*** (out of 4) <br/><br/>Porter remakes his own The Great Train Robbery but this time kids are playing the leads in a childish tale of acting out a robbery. While this certainly isn&#39;t as good as the film its based on it remains cute throughout with some nice stunts and scenery.<br/><br/>Seven Ages, The (1905) <br/><br/>*** (out of 4) <br/><br/>Cute little love story that shows a couple over seven ages in their lives from babies to old folks. There&#39;s not too much story here other than the two&#39;s love for one another but this comes off quite nicely.<br/><br/>White Caps, The (1905) <br/><br/>*** (out of 4) <br/><br/>Historically interesting film that deals with the vigilante group known as &quot;The White Caps&quot; who were known throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Like the KKK, this group wore white pillows over their faces but instead of attacking race this group went after those who broke moral issues like beating their wives, harming children and other crimes that make for a bad community. This film shows them going after a man who has just beaten his wife.

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