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The Wraith Tamil Dubbed Movie Free Download

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a5c7b9f00b A small desert town has been harassed for months by a gang of drag racers, but so far no one has done anything to stop them. One day, a ghostly black car shows up, challenging members of the group to race, then killing them one by one. Neither the gang nor the police can catch the car or its driver, but some investigating into the gang's past may reveal just who's behind all this.
Packard Walsh and his motorized gang control and terrorize an Arizona desert town where they force drivers to drag-race so they can 'win' their vehicles. After Walsh stabs the decent teenager Jamie Hankins to death for being intimate with a girl whom Walsh wants for himself, the mysterious Jake Kesey arrives, an extremely cool motor-biker with an invincible car. Jake befriends Jamie's girlfriend Keri Johnson, takes Jamie's sweet brother Billy under his wing and manages what Sheriff Loomis can not - the methodical and otherworldly elimination of Packard's criminal gang.
Let's be serious… this movie isn't meant to win an Oscar. It's just supposed to be fun and in my opinion succeeds on every level. The script is hokey, yet there are some really tender moments, like when Billy Hankins realizes who the Wraith really is. The acting is OK but this isn't Shakespeare. This movie is a great escape. Plus the revenge angle is definitely cool. The ending is actually a little reminiscent of "High Plains Drifter", where there is that one unspoken moment where fantasy and reality blur. This is actually one of my favorite films of the 80's. Sure it is massively dated, but, interesting none the less. Just a side note…. one of the waitresses at the drive in is a young Brook Burke of Wild On and Rockstar INXS fame!!!
The Wraith is the perfect movie to watch on a Saturday night. The film is much more than the amazing cars and the great 80s soundtrack. <br/><br/>The Wraith is a film that centers on the arrival of a new guy in town-Jake Keesey (played by Charlie Sheen). His arrival will disrupt the activities of Packard Walsh&#39;s gang of car thieves. Almost at the same time as Jake&#39;s arrival, a new car roars into the lives of Packard and his gang. This strange black car causes everyone in the gang to feel as if they need to race it. Yet what no one knows is that the new strange car is out to destroy Packard&#39;s gang. And there is something else. The Wraith. A mysterious spirit that is somehow connected to the new car. Packard soon realizes that there is something strange going on, something that is perhaps connected to something that he and his gang did..perhaps even connected to that new guy in town, Jake.<br/><br/>I think The Wraith is a fantastic movie,although in my opinion, the film could have been more creative with the car racing sequences and maybe could have explained a bit more about Jake and his past, but otherwise I have no other criticisms. The gang of bad guys was mean but at the same time they offered comedic relief and fun. Characters such as Skank (played by David Sherrill)will always be memorable whenever I watch this film. I also have to comment on the fantastic soundtrack, great wardrobe, and great opening sequence. <br/><br/>The Wraith is a fun thrill ride through the 1980s.
The movie has an absurd script, fueled by that current B-movie staple, the idiot plot–a plot that proceeds only because all, or most, of the characters, act like idiots.

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